Schools Maintenance

Streamlining the tracking and monitoring of maintenance activities around the school

Schools Maintenance Tracking and Asset Monitoring System

This system provides schools a mechanism in which they can record:

  • Easy system interface to allow the maintenance staff to effectively operate
  • All location details (down to the minute detail if required),their current conditions and reference information
  • The Current Plant and equipment with forward replacement costings as well as signage and safety data
  • All active requests pertaining to things such as┬ámaintenance, cleaning, gardening, etc.
  • Email users on the progress of their requests and let them view their and all other requests via the web
  • Automatic generation of cyclic activities that must me complied to for schools to operate
  • Direct access to your schools database to add external suppliers and contractors
  • Maintenance of external contractors to ensure that compliance information is stored and recorded
  • The capacity to generate JSA’s for any activity to comply with OH & S safety requirements.

Regarded by our clients as one of the simplest solutions on the market.

Simplyfy the processing of simple requests

Australian Schools demand integrated solutions to remain competitive
Automated system that feeds off existing central systems to optimise productivity
Manage bookings of all facilities efficiently

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