Resource Manager

Easily manage bookings and activities of all facilities around the school

Resource Manager allows you to control all your facilities in a friendly interactive web page on your intranet.  From a the basis of this powerful Room Booking Software we have developed a product that can incorporate with your existing scheduling databases to marry a single point solution to you facilities management needs.

Initially designed for covering educational facilities where timetables need to be imported the system is flexible enough to manage Sporting and Fleet facilities.The system allow for the following:

  • Point and click interface
  • Integration with school timetable
  • Secured facilities – only nominated individuals can book – others can request
  • Multiple Views of Resources across your own categories and locations
  • Track Major Resource usage including Preparation and Cleanup times.
  • Track accessory usage and bookings
  • Booking and Confirmation options
  • Time Zones built into locations
  • Repetitive “linked bookings”
  • Capacity to book multiple facilities with one click!
  • Colour coded booking items
  • Change / Invoice facilities.

Manage bookings of all facilities efficiently

Australian Schools demand integrated solutions to remain competitive
Automated system that feeds off existing central systems to optimise productivity
Simplyfy the processing of simple requests

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