Providing seamless integrated data solutions for Australian schools

Optimising the flow of managing and communicating with the whole school community
Helping schools manage and communicate seamlessly with their students, parent and teachers by streamlining administration processes. Superior tracking features makes it easy to keep track of everything across the whole school community by synchronising with the school’s database system.
Streamlining the tracking and monitoring of maintenance activities around the school
Providing an effective system to track and monitor maintenance activities around the school. Easily manage staff, contractors and information through integrated shared data. Monitor maintenance progress and location information that allows staff to operate effectively.
Easily manage bookings and activities of all facilities around the school
Optimising the bookings, requests and management of all facilities around the school. Synchronising information with existing timetables and schedules database. Easily track resource usage and make changes on demand.


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Optimising the management of a school’s ICT, audio visual and maintenance departments



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